The Classic Yacht regatta in Antigua

The Classic Yacht Regatta is an annual event in Antigua not to be missed. We found out about it while in Bequia and headed up-island for about 10 days, a fast trip for us, sailing every day. Our arrival was just in time for the opening party. The most amazing yachts from all over the world sail here to race and be judged on their good looks. Sailing All sizes and types of yachts ranging from 20 to 130 feet long were on display. The craftmanship on the old and new models was such a pleasure to behold. Races were held for 4 days. Simply getting all of these these boats in and out of the docks each day was a major spectacle. Luckily, we were anchored very close in with a great view of the whole event. Would we go again? Absolutly!

Here are a few of the entries.

The docks are filling up.

Med mooring.

Nice gang plank.
the bow
The bow.

One of my favorites.
flush decks
Flush decks. Hold on tight!
big boy
One of the big boys.
the smallest
One of the smallest ones.
tall ship
Getting ready to go.
backing in
Coming back after a day of racing.
Never know when you might need this.
up the mast
Up the mast to check out the rig.
little cutter
Our nieghbor, a nice little cutter from France.

Heading out to the starting line.
Beautiful craftmanship all around.
my next yacht
My next yacht. What do you think?
catus flower
Cactus flower.
nice brightwork
Nice brightwork.
Falmouth Harbor
Falmouth Harbor full of boats.
Backing in to the docks.
Backing into the docks.
Dutch boat
One of the Dutch models.
The landry lady
The laundy lady, Mrs. Baltimore, working hard.

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