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We decided to take the longer yet easier downwind route through the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. It turned out to be a good choice as the conditions to Bermuda this year were not as comfortable. We hope you can feel the Caribbean as you look at these pictures.
Sailing the Bahama bank!
As you can see in the mini-movie, the shallow banks of the Bahamas are like sailing on a swimming pool. You can see the shells on the bottom as the boat glides over them. Since we took the offshore route to the Caribbean, we did not want to miss the Spanish Virgins and Bahama Islands on the way back.

From Antigua to Gun Cay

Classic Yacht Regatta
At the Classic Yacht Regatta in Antigua.
The J-boat
The winning J-Boat and the runner up.
The volcano smoking on Montserrat.
One of the friendly and curious gulls.
Marigot Bay, St. Martin
Our favorite spot in the French Is., Marigot Bay.
Sailing through the British virgin Islands.
Maho Bay, USVI
Maho Bay, USVI was our first stop after St. Martin.
The dolphins checking us out.
A UK sailor behind the reef at Isla De Culebra.
A morning stroll on tiny Palominitos.
sunset underway
A sunset on the way to the Bahamas.
Mahi Mahi
Sueno caught a nice Mahi-Mahi!
Rum Cay cats
This is one way to live on Rum Cay.
Conception Is.
Anchored off the beach at beautiful Conception Is..
Blue dolphin
Another Mahi-Mahi as it's turning blue.
Sunset at Hen Island
Sunset at Hen Island in the Exumas.
sailing the banks
Sailing the shallow bank to Gun Cay.
Honeymoon Harbor
Last stop in the Bahamas, Honeymoon Harbor.

Honeymoon Harbor
See the amazing Classic Yacht Regatta boats.

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Map of the Caribbean Islands

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