Wanjo = The beach next to Azefu

Do you remember the way to Wanjo beach?
The steep path we walked to get fresh spring water.
Those summer days we swam together are long gone now.
But Wanjo is still waiting for you.

DonÍt forget the people in your hometown
who have such a warm heart.

Open your old photo albums.
There you will find the people
who care about you even though
time has passed for you and me.

Whenever you feel itÍs time,
come back to Okinoerabu,
your beautiful island.

ItÍs already September and the
Locusts are crying, missing the fading summer.
You can hear the shamisen and know
that the elderÍs celebration is near.

Are you playing the shamisen
and dancing just like we are
on the celebration day?
Wanjo is where you belong.

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