Voyage to NYC!

Sailing blue water!

The sail up island from Trinidad was full of surprises. The weather was great except north of the windward islands when light winds prevailed. The fishing was much better than on our trip south. Once again, Fridur II performed wonderfully in all conditions.

Mike's 7 foot sailfish!

Sailing the Caribbean islands

St. Vincent
Chateaubellaire in St. Vincent
Tobago Cays
Our favorite spot, Tobago Cays!
Sueno in Tobago Cays
At the "pool".
Sunset before the green flash.
scooter boys
Kids playing in Mayreau.
Sailing off Antiqua
A classic yacht off Antigua.
Our favorite town, Deshaies.
Our favorite town, Deshaies in Guadelupe.
Barbuda beach.
A Jack.
Sueno with a fresh Jack.
French baquettes.
French baquettes in St. Martin.
Tuna sashimi for dinner!
Tuna sashimi for dinner!
At the beach.
At the beach.

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Map of the Caribbean Islands

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