Jagaimo = Potato

During my last spring vacation
before my graduation,
I was laying in a field
of beautiful freesia flowers.

Listening to the radio,
I thought, soon IÍll say goodbye to this island.
One more week
and IÍll go to the big city, Tokyo!

LetÍs get out of this tiny island
I want to see the big world out there.
I am fed up with potato
and sugar cane fields.

Many years have passed since then
and now I am back to my island.
I went to the fields
and everything felt so familier to me.

My hands are strong
from working the land.
Now I am proud
to show them to my children.

LetÍs farm the red soil and
live on the green island.
Sometimes itÍs hard to make money but donÍt worry,
letÍs drink beer and have a good time.

Hey, how much did you sell your potatoes for today?
I sold them for 150 yen.
Really, I sold mine for 170 yen.
Oh my, I lost 20 yen!
Oh you poor thing. Our work is over so letÍs go have a drink.
No I canÍt. My wife will be mad at me for loosing 20 yen.
DonÍt worry! IÍll buy the drinks and tell your wife itÍs OK.
Ok, LetÍs go! Are there many cute girls there?
Of course!

Tomorrow it will be nice weather
and the field will be calling me.
ItÍs not so bad after all,
since I can drink tatsy sake tonight.

Take it easy my friends,
please donÍt work so hard.
We live only once,
so letÍs enjoy this life together!

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