Current Sounds Studio is open in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I am thrilled to say that the recent improvements in technology have allowed me to create the most powerful state of the art studio available today.  Current Sounds Studio is perfect for writing, pre-production, sound design, mixing, editing and mastering projects. The new Shinjuku location is close to Tokyo’s major recording studios GreenBird and Avaco Creative Studios making it very convenient for recording live projects.

My Axes and Production Tools

  • D’Angelico Style B guitar 1936 with a D’Armond Rhythm Chief pickup
  • Line6 Variax Modeling Guitar with Firehawk FX pedal board
  • Charvel/Jackson Stratocaster Guitar
  • DAW Logic Pro X 10.2.4
  • I/O Universal Audio Apollo 8P and POD Studio UX2
  • Softube Console 1 with SSL4000 E, SSL XL9000 K & British Class A (Neve) mixing consoles
  • Plugins by Universal Audio, Waves, POD Farm 2.5, Klanghelm and more
  • Realtime tracking with Neve 1073, Neve 88RS, UA 610-B, API Vision