Bob Ward Press & Reviews

Asahi Shimbun

Touring New York jazz artists, Bob Ward and Kelly Friesen, intoxicated their audience through out the show at Porsche Jazz Spot.
by Yu Miyaji
Down Beat

...Wes Montgomery flavoring from guitarist Bob Ward...displays a clever balance of street smart R & B with jazz improvisation...
by Michael G. Nastos
The Scene

The subtly woven musical diversity of Bob WardÍs music conveys a sense of motion to create a transcendental experience that can cool the nerves while stimulating the mind.
by Michael Hopkins
JAZZIZ Magazine

....Bob Ward wails on electric. Those who complain that there's no originality in contemporary jazz may take a few listens to dig this one, but they'll ultimately see the fallacy of their premise.
by Jonathan Widran
Minami Nippon Shimbun

There was standing room only for guitarist Bob WardÍs original mood inducing jazz at Coronet . The fans exclaimed, ñWe didnÍt know that live jazz could be this exciting!î
All About Jazz

One of the most original and satisfying groove experiments yet.... the tunes are strong and diverse. (Bob) WardÍs guitar playing is often not unlike that of GoldingsÍs regular partner, Peter Bernstein. But Ward looms larger as a creator.... ïVoodoo DogsÍ proves that it is possible for jazz musicians to pursue electronic avenues without "selling out."