Bob Ward Biography

Bob Ward has been playing jazz guitar on the New York scene for over twenty years. His first recording, ´4 on 6 X 5═ with his five guitar group ´The New York Jazz Guitar Ensemble═ was a tribute to the great guitarist, Wes Montgomery. Bob has performed with jazz masters Jack McDuff, Warne Marsh, Barry Harris, Bob Rockwell, Steve LaSpina, Tim Ries, Elliot Zigmund and Marc Johnson to name a few.

Interested in recording, Bob opened Current Sounds Studio where he worked on music for television, film and CDROM projects while specializing in jazz albums. Artists from across the musical spectrum, MMW, Richie Birach, Benny Golson, John Abercrombie, Moby, Chaka Kahn, John Pizzarelli and Marc Copland all came to Current Sounds Studio.

Bob Ward has co-written songs for George Benson, Grover Washington Jr. and Ramsey Lewis. ´The Thinker═ became the urban hit on George Benson═s ´That═s Right═ CD which held the number one position in Billboard═s jazz contemporary charts for several months.

´Voodoo Dogs═ is the result of a collaboration between Bob Ward and keyboardist Larry Goldings to create a new genre of world acid jazz. The song ´Uganda═ will be appearing in the new Anthony Hopkins and Gwyneth Paltrow film, ´PROOF═, to be released in 2005.

In 2001, Bob traveled to the Japanese Island, Okinoerabu, to compose in a different setting. ´Dreaming In The Clouds═, Bob═s first CD produced there in March 2002, is dedicated to the wonderful warm hearted people of the island. Bob picked up the shamisen, a traditional Okinawan instrument, and was intrigued by the minyo music and odori dancing associated with it. Consequently, Bob═s ´Odoro Shimautade═ became a hit on the Island and is rapidly gaining popularity across Japan.

Bob enjoyed writing many styles of music and playing concert tours while in Japan. His second Japanese CD, "Jagaimo", released November 2002, is a diverse collection of playful tunes illustrating the colorful lifestyle on Okinoerabu Island.

On the New York scene, Bob Ward has reunited his jazz band, The New York Quintet. Presently, he is arranging new works for the quintet and performing with his duo, trio and quartet ensembles. ´The Persuader═, Bob═s latest CD featuring The New York Quintet, is scheduled for release in the beginning of 2005.