Music from Bob Ward
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The Persuader
New Release for July 2005
(previously only available in Japan)
Cool modern jazz featuring Bob Ward's group, 'The New York Quintet' with Bruce Williamson-sax, Tim Ouimette-tpt, Kelly Friesen-bass and Taro Okamoto-drums.
Three More Minutes

CD review (July 2005)

Cat Paws
The Persuader CD cover Illusions

Nice and Juicey
web price $12.99 (free shipping in USA)
November 2002 from CURRENT SOUNDS
Warm and enticing songs about the wonderful southern island lifestyle of Japan.

Jagaimo CD cover Girl Fun

Sayonara for Now
web price $12.99 (free shipping in USA)
Previous Release 3/1/2002 from CURRENT SOUNDS
Elegant and beautiful music inspired by Okinoerabu island!
Azefu Dawn

Odoro Shimautade
Dreaming In The Clouds_cover Shooting Stars

Madal Kantan
web price $12.99 (free shipping in USA)
On PALMETTO RECORDS, New York City 6/13/2000
The ultimate in world acid jazz with Larry Goldings!
Keep A Thing Happening

Voodoo Dogs_cover Uganda

web price $12.99 (free shipping in USA)

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